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A conference is a meeting often of a large-scale with like-minded industry colleagues.  This could be a staff conference where all the people know each other, or an association symposium i.e. within the pharmaceutical sector.  Conferences often feature announcements (for a product for example) with the attendees from a sales background being expected to take the information back to their countries or regions and disseminate to their staff. Unlike events, conferences will only be formal, usually involving speakers and require opinions, whereas events are often more of a showcase.  They often have a strict agenda, which may include a hard-hitting message.

Conferences may have a leisure/ incentive component to them, with a half-day activity or site seeing option, but still mainly focus on the educational element. DMCs should be continuously and thoroughly researching venues in which to hold conferences and they possess a wealth of knowledge of venues of all sizes that no one else knows about!